The One Less Party

PRESS RELEASE - 25 May, 2001

Vote Charlotte Regan - for one less politician

A radical new candidate has entered the forthcoming general election, running in the Regent's Park and North Kensington constituency. Innovative Ms. Charlotte Regan gives the people a chance to vote against all candidates on offer rather than have to support the one they find least objectionable or do nothing and be considered apathetic. She guarantees never to mis-represent the people - never to represent them at all. Taking no part in the political process she will take no money from it and simply create one empty seat in parliament - one less politician feeding at the trough. This promise is secured by a moral and legally binding oath sworn by the candidate. Politicians often promise to reduce government. Ms. Regan wants to give them a helping hand.

Charlotte is the daughter of the late Simon Regan, infamous journalist and editor of Scallywag. This former stripper and mother of two, who now teaches dance, is delighted to be carrying on in the tradition of her father, who had no great respect for the political process. To quote her: "I'm so disgusted by politicians that I'd rather get rid of them than vote for them. So a win for me means one less of them."

The idea of removing one politician from the stagnant status quo that is government derives from the popular and radical book, "Uncommon Sense - the State is out of Date." To quote it's author Gregory Sams, who launched the original VegeBurger, pioneered the UK's natural food industry and more recently become a visionary promoter of chaos theory: "The biggest problem facing the world today is an excess of politicians."

After reading his book, Ms. Regan persuaded Gregory Sams to form the One Less Party. Unfortunately at the eleventh hour a snafu makes it impossible for her to be its official candidate. Despite this the whole essence of the One Less Party's policy is contained within the simple oath which its candidates are required to sign. In view of this, the Party are urgently recommending that would-be supporters vote tactically in favour of Ms Regan at this election.

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Charlotte Regan
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