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The One Less Party


I undertake, if elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) at the forthcoming general election, never to attend a session of parliament nor vote on any issues whatsoever, nor partake in any parliamentary committees or fact-finding missions, nor in any way to perform any of the functions of office normally associated with being an MP.

I further undertake never to encash any payments forthcoming as wages, salary or remuneration for being an MP. I will never claim expenses, allowed or otherwise for performance of functions I hereby swear not to perform. I will never employ or engage anybody on wages with regard to my position as an MP, be they relatives, friends or total strangers.

I guarantee that I will never mis-represent my constituents or "the people" or in any way attempt or pretend to represent them within the government and House of Commons. I will, effectively, do (or not do), everything possible in order to be simply ONE LESS POLITICIAN



Running in
Regents Park and North Kensington
Home office: 50a Beaconsfield Road, London N15 4SJ
Tel: 07944 220318

The One Less Oath is based on an idea from Gregory Sams' book Uncommon Sense - The State is Out of Date and is used with permission of the One Less Party. More information at

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