Gregory Sams
Gregory Sams
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The life and times of Gregory Sams
Gregory's published accounts of historical and hysterical events and ideas
He saved a lot of cows, before turning to words
Worlds only shop dedicated to chaos theory
Pictures from the author's travels in fractal galixies and computer graphics

Uncommon Sense

The full book with text and graphics

"Just for a moment, imagine humanity from the viewpoint of some alien consciousness at least as developed as ours, but without the imposed order of state control as a focusing element of its evolution and culture. This intelligence may have music, dance, art, design, cuisine, architecture, communication, science, love, fashion, high technology, clubs, pubs, sports, humour, drama, means of travel, animal friends and all the other changing elements we treasure in our own culture. After all, none of them were conceived, planned or developed by the state, though from time to time the state may seek to influence, support or control different aspects of them for the supposed benefit of us all."

"Fun to read. Lots of good sense - seen nothing I disagree with!"
Arthur C. Clarke - sci-fi visionary, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey

The VegeBurger story

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Gregory Sams was in the natural food business from 1967, when he and his brother Craig started "SEED" Restaurant in a Paddington basement, and introduced the late 60's generation to the new notion that eating natural foods made you feel good. This business grew, extended, and eventually set the scene for Greg to develop and introduce, in 1982, the original VegeBurger - one of the most successful health food products ever launched.
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